Deportation Defense Lawyers

Immigration Court Representation

At The Toribio Law Firm, we represent immigrants and foreign visitors who are at risk for deportation or removal in immigration courts throughout the United States. We have a thorough understanding of the deportation process and represent individuals in immigration court before immigration judges on a daily basis. It is our number one priority to protect our clients’ best interests and make sure no person is unjustly deported. Whether you are seeking a deportation lawyer in Orlando, Miami, New York City or deportation lawyer elsewhere in the United States, The Toribio Law Firm can assist you with your deportation case in immigration court.

There are a number of circumstances that could lead to deportation or removal. The most common reasons immigrants or foreign visitors are deported include:

  • Felony or misdemeanor criminal convictions
  • Immigration violations
  • Visa or green card expiration
  • Employment violations
  • Immigration fraud
  • Final Order of Removal/Deportation after a denial of asylum; or
  • Failing to depart after a grant of voluntary departure

There are a number of strategies we can employ to help you avoid deportation, such as obtaining political asylum, cancellation of removal, voluntary departure, adjusting your status to permanent residency, or attaining a waiver or pardon under the Immigration and Nationality Act. Moreover, the President’s Executive Immigration Action announced on November 20, 2014 has created additional potential opportunities for our clients to seek deferred action or prosecutorial discretion and either terminate or administratively close removal proceedings.

At The Toribio Law Firm, our deportation defense lawyers provide effective and aggressive deportation defense for people who face deportation hearings and have received a Notice to Appear from Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). In addition, we personally visit detention facilities throughout the state of Florida and the U.S. in order to protect our clients.

We understand the worries, fears, and stress you and your family experience when faced with deportation. If you fear your immigration status is in jeopardy for whatever reason, please contact our deportation defense attorneys at The Toribio Law Firm today. We are dedicated to fighting your deportation from the U.S., and helping you file the appropriate petitions, obtain necessary documents and waivers and file motions to reopen or appeal your case.

If you are in need of an experienced, aggressive, and knowledgeable deportation defense attorney for representation in immigration court, contact The Toribio Law Firm today for your free consultation today. We are devoted to helping you avoid deportation.