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At The Toribio Law Firm, we take pride in offering our clients quality, cost-effective legal solutions and we are always looking for innovative ways to meet the demands of our clients. As such, in addition to our full-service immigration offerings, we are now offering our clients unbundled immigration services.

What are unbundled legal services? 

Unbundled legal services, also referred to as limited scope representation, is simply an innovative method of offering specific legal services at a reduced cost.

How does it work?

With unbundled legal services, the attorney and the client reach an agreement to limit the scope of the attorney's involvement in a legal matter and the client takes responsibility for the aspects of the legal matter in which the attorney is not involved.

In our case, our attorneys will provide specific legal services relating to your immigration matter such as review of forms and applications. You will be in charge of the rest. As a result of this agreement, you will get the help you need and you will only pay for the specific services that you need.

What is the difference between your full-service offerings and unbundled immigration services?

We offer full-service immigration solutions and unbundled immigration services for all areas of immigration. With our full-service offerings, we handle all aspects of your immigration matter from start to finish. With our unbundled immigration services, we only handle a specific aspect of your legal matter.

Process of Unbundled immigration legal services at The Toribio Law Firm:
  1. Send us the application(s) or form(s) that you are working on.
  2. Our attorney will thoroughly review your immigration form.
  3. Our attorney will call you to discuss your immigration form and to discuss errors on the form, to recommend changes if needed or to answer any questions you may have about your immigration form.
  4. You are responsible for finalizing the form and filing it with the appropriate agency.
Are unbundled immigration legal services right for me?

Honestly, many people, if not most, require the assistance of an experienced attorney to handle their immigration matters. It is true: most of the immigration forms and applications are online. In fact, you can find almost all of the forms here. However, most of these forms are much more complex than they appear and any mistake can lead to delays and/or denial of your petition. 

Nevertheless, it is not impossible to successfully navigate an immigration application. If you are already working on an immigration-related application or would like to fill out an application on your own and you would like an attorney to review your application, to give you a second opinion or answer specific questions about the application(s) or form(s), unbundled immigration legal services are right for you and The Toribio Law Firm is glad to partner with you on this endeavor. 

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